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Capital Investment System Implementation for Minor Mining JV Partner

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  • Capital Investment System Implementation

    Capital Investment System Implementation

The Australian division of a foreign investment company in the resources sector needed to establish robust capital investment standards and policies. The client was not the operator or major partner in their investments, but they needed to position themselves to influence their JV partners. Their immediate focus was on a multi-billion dollar project, involving the development of an iron ore mine and rail and port infrastructure.

Enthalpy provided the client with Enthalpy’s Capital Investment System (CIS) to apply to all of their Australian investments. As a minor partner in their investments, this allowed them to influence their JV partners by providing leading practice investment processes and standards, which are widely accepted in the industry.

In addition to the Capital Investment System, Enthalpy provided consulting services for the mine, rail and port project consisting of:

  • identifying key risks in relation to their position with their JV partner
  • strategic advice on negotiating with their JV partner to achieve an acceptable standard of content, quality and accuracy on the study
  • how to apply the CIS standards to this project, particularly in connection with cost estimating.

Enthalpy’s Capital Investment System, together with the strategic advice, allows the client to approach its investments with confidence, knowing they are supported by the rigour and discipline of the Capital Investment System and Enthalpy’s expertise.

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