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“The best people with the best tools is at the heart of Enthalpy’s offer to our clients.”Mark Greenaway

Mark Greenaway | Principle Consultant

Mark Greenaway has an extensive and broad range of experience in infrastructure and mining both in asset and project management. His experience combined with his love of education, he has qualifications in electrical and mechanical engineering as well as Masters in Project Management and Business Administration, give him a deep and broad understanding of a project’s lifecycle from the initial genesis to operation as a fully functioning asset.

Mark has a great range of experience, he has worked with Power Stations and Ports, he has worked recovering the boilers at an Alumina Refinery and managed operations at a Vanadium mine, he has helped redevelop the Solomon Island’s electricity system. Mark’s roles have included Maintenance and Operations, Project Recovery, Projects General Manager, Project Manager and Project Director, these roles have all developed Mark’s skills and understanding of the disciplines required for successful project management.

Mark was responsible for implementing the Enthalpy Capital Investment System into an operation, as Projects General Manager for Gladstone Ports Corporation, Mark successfully managed the customisation and implementation of the Enthalpy CIS into the business.