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Enthalpy works in the following services

Consulting Services


Enthalpy has been providing consulting services for more than 25 years and the Enthalpy team has available a range of senior consultants to ensure your project is set-up and functioning at it’s best.

Independent Review Services

infrastructure project management

Enthalpy’s Independent Peer Review services provide concise, appropriate and accurate advice to our clients using the experience and capability of our advisory teams. Enthalpy is proud of the depth and breadth of its experience base, demonstrated by the wide portfolio of major clients, key projects and industry sectors that our teams bring to assignments.


Legal Support Services

rail train tracks

Enthalpy has provided expert witness and dirty witness services via a selection of experienced consultants. These senior consultants have worked closely with the legal teams to provide defence for major owners organisations in Mining and Oil and Gas.

Project Delivery Services


Enthalpy recognises project management requires sophisticated, well-honed skills in order to be effective. Above all is the ability to plan the project, whether it’s to deliver a new asset or acquire an existing business.

Achieving the plan then takes the dedication, discipline, resources and skills of key personnel, focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs should focus not only on the big picture of outcomes, but also on the finer detail of processes to be put in place and followed through to completion by the project team.