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Project Delivery Services


Rigorous methodology

Enthalpy recognises project management requires sophisticated, well-honed skills in order to be effective. Above all is the ability to plan the project, whether it’s to deliver a new asset or acquire an existing business.

Achieving the plan then takes the dedication, discipline, resources and skills of key personnel, focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs should focus not only on the big picture of outcomes, but also on the finer detail of processes to be put in place and followed through to completion by the project team.

Project Delivery Services Australia

To achieve these outcomes, Enthalpy has developed a rigorous project delivery methodology.Unlike processes promoted by other groups, Enthalpy’s techniques apply specifically to structures and management processes at the owner’s business and project delivery levels. These techniques include schedule control, cost trending and forecasting, risk management and scope definition. All contribute to a philosophy of being able to force a multi-disciplined application of expertise to a range of given outcomes.

Project Management Services

  • Organisational design
  • Technology control
  • Contract planning
  • Procurement policies
  • Cost control structure
  • Quality assurance programs
  • Resource analysis
  • Risk analysis

Specialist Project Management Services

  • Data rooms
  • Due diligence
  • Reporting
  • Claims and dispute support
  • Financial modelling
  • Management review
  • Procedural auditing
  • Superintendent services

Suitable for any situation

Because Enthalpy staff have gained invaluable experience in a broad spectrum of projects, their project management skills have had to be flexible and hence techniques can be adjusted to any project situation or client demand.

What doesn’t change from project to project is the organisation’s ability to be location specific.

One of Enthalpy’s most critical techniques is that project management resources are applied at the job, on the job – not on a problem brought back to the office.

By being willing and available to work on location, project management success is guaranteed.