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Contract Planning and Management

Forming effective contracts between clients and providers is an essential part of Enthalpy’s core skills base.

Contracts are an essential discipline.  Scope must be clearly defined Parties must be able to fulfil contractual obligations. Fairness and commitment are essential qualities. Understand the commercial drivers.


Effective contracts

Based on its years of project management and advice to clients, Enthalpy has developed a full range of generic proformas and procedures to support its contracts functions.

These documents support the delivery of a number of outcomes – including studies, projects and operations.

Contracts developed by Enthalpy include:

  • Service agreements
  • Purchase of goods and materials
  • Purchase contracts for major equipment
  • Construction contracts
  • Design and construct
  • Engineering services agreements
  • Mining contracts
  • Operating agreements

Styles of contracts covered include lump sum, fixed price, turn key, alliances, performance based, incentive, schedule of rate and cost plus contracts.


Broad capabilities

Included within Enthalpy’s contracts skills are capabilities for meeting the needs of:

  • Prequalification processes
  • Tendering procedures
  • Evaluation and project analysis
  • Commercial techniques
  • Award and conformed contracts processes
  • Contract kick-off and alignment
  • Contract administration
  • Closure and handover
  • Superintending services
  • Progress reporting


Universally accepted

Enthalpy’s contracts for delivering engineering and project services are now recognised as the best in their class, and have been used by all of the major resource companies and international contractors.

Enthalpy places a strong emphasis on using formation processes for contracts that are formalised and structured. The process produces a true ‘alignment’ step, essential for all parties to understand each other’s drivers and key criteria.

Enthalpy’s suite of agreements are structured inside a system as follows:

  • Basis of agreement
    A common language description of why certain provisions exist, and benchmarked to industry standard.
  • Term sheet
    A short-form line description of each provision.
  • Agreement


This is a standard agreement, with detailed exhibits covering all aspects.

  • Agreement administration
    Covers procedures and how to operate the agreement.


Specialist areas

Enthalpy’s contract skills also include specialist areas such as preparation and management of contracts for:

  • Engineering services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Management advisory services
  • Mining