Improved reporting of mining feasibility study results

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Enthalpy’s CEO, Paul Harper, presented on the topic Improved Reporting of Mining Feasibility Study Results at the 2019 Mineral Systems of the Pacific Rim Congress in Auckland.

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Why improve?

Mining companies and the share market have recognised that greater transparency disclosure is required in the promotion of mining projects to attract a larger proportion of investment funds available in the equity market.

Enthalpy proposes to improve process for greater transparency around disclosure and use of Feasibility Studies (FS) to enhance and attract investment confidence in the resources industry.

Why are so many projects failing?

• Fail to establish core technical aspects of geology, mining, metallurgy at study phases
• Ignoring the sustainability and license to operate aspects
• Prefeasibility studies failing to rigorously find the best investment case
• Thinking bigger will be better – chasing economics by only upsizing the project
• Assuming optimistic commodity prices for the life of mine
• Producing flawed feasibility studies in the rush to get into production
• Not integrating studies at technical, project and business levels
• Inadequate project implementation planning
• Assuming project management should not be difficult
• Not conducting good quality reviews during the study and implementation phases
• Failure in project controls leading to surprises for company directors
• Believing that things go smoothly with a project.