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The Contracts and Procurement System (CPS) mandates the approach that should be adopted for implementation of contracting strategies, followed by the tendering, award and administration of contracts. It provides the basis for investigating, evaluating, recommending and managing the contractual process.
All activities related to preparation, calling and assessment of tenders and the award and administration of contracts shall be carried out in accordance with the policies of the CPS.

The CPS is made up of:

  • Policy Statement and Manual
    documents that mandate the systematic approach to contracts and procurement
  • Minimum Standards
    mandatory practices that must be applied during contracts and procurement phases
  • Toolkits
    recommended tools that help personnel apply the CPS
  • Knowledge Portal
    reference documents that assist with the application of the CPS
  • Archived Documents
    examples of contract templates


The objective of the CPS is to ensure that the selection, implementation, formation, award and administration of a contracting strategy is carried out in a consistent and professional manner. This Policy Manual, together with the CPS components, represents best practice in ensuring the entire contractual process is handled in a professional and legally sound manner.

The CPS allows the Client to:

  • align contracts with their business development strategy
  • strategically select the appropriate contract fit for purpose
  • compare and consider all alternatives and then fully optimise the selected contracting strategy
  • identify, quantify and rank the risks of competing tenderers for selection of the most appropriate tender for the purpose
  • base tendering and administration decisions on consistent and prescriptive minimum standards
  • follow comprehensive procedures to reduce the potential of future litigation
  • Contracts must be developed progressively through the five phases of development. Each phase must be managed in accordance with the objectives of the phase.
  • The objectives of each phase of development are shown in the diagram to the right.

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