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Integrated Project Planning System Development

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  • Integrated Project Planning System

    Integrated Project Planning System

Enthalpy developed an integrated project planning system for a major electrical transmission and distribution provider.  The primary aim was to improve planning capability which in turn could be used to gain value from enhanced procurement and contracting processes.

Our project team worked closely with the customer’s key stake holders to determine appropriate parameters to quantify and qualify their large list of major projects.  We  jointly determined common milestone measures from pre concept to closure for materials, construction, and land access.  With this data we established an integrated master schedule for well over 100 current and future projects.

This integrated master schedule formed the foundation for improved project scoping, consolidation, and project packaging.  It also provided a methodological approach to project planning and delivery which in turn guided procurement and contracting strategy.  The data and process were set up on a planning software platform to be used on an ongoing basis by the customer’s team.  The customer’s projects group is now able to better integrate associated projects and packages of work where decisions around optimisation are considered and made.

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