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strategic, operational and technical advice to clients to solve complex problems

We have the specialist and technical experience to identify areas of operational, process and financial improvement in any project phase.
Study Management & Intellectual Property

After being involved in and managing large numbers of feasibility studies for clients, Enthalpy have developed rigorous processes and standards required for study outcomes, deliverables and processes.

The result is a body of knowledge that defines the best in class procedures and the minimum standards needed to be achieved. While some of this knowledge exists in part within industry bodies, companies and contractors, only Enthalpy offers a fully developed and integrated feasibility study system.

Our feasibility study procedures and standards are the result of our experience.

  • Capital Investment System
  • Project Controls System
  • Contracts & Procurement System
  • Health & Safety System
Operations, Management & Process Improvement

Enthalpy uses its in-depth industry experience, analytics, proprietary systems, and its unique relationship with strategic partners to identify operational, management and process improvements.

We have integrated with traditional management consulting firms on engagements to fill technical expertise gaps, as well as complement improvement consulting engagements.

We not only develop improvement strategies, but we also assist with implementation and delivery of these initiatives.

  • Productivity improvement
  • Data-driven decision making tools
  • Operations and portfolio model building
  • Simulation & forecasting work
Investment Development & Project Structuring

Enthalpy promotes the need to take an integrated approach to every issue in investment development, project structuring and delivery of the outcome for our Clients.

By properly structuring a project, Enthalpy enables the possibility of linking business and external influences into a project or acquisition process.

Enthalpy has extensive experience in a wide range of project structures created by different forms of project implementation strategies, financial frameworks, contracting plans and technology demands. Enthalpy has learned there is no preset, optimum structure – except that it must be the best for our clients and their stakeholders.

Flexibility is a key to success, with project structures having to change to suit project demands from time to time. In Enthalpy’s experience, organisations that structure projects rigidly often find that, as events unfold, the structures in fact create unfavourable responses.

As part of its work, Enthalpy has developed techniques for use in multidiscipline workshops to identify, evaluate and select the optimum project structures for any opportunity.

  • Investment dimensioning & Advice
  • Project structuring
  • Commercial strategy
  • Change Management
  • Training & Coaching
Knowledge Management

Projects and acquisitions today need to be better planned, more transparently presented, and then to be monitored and reported on, according to key performance indicators.

Likewise, the demands for speed and higher returns from a project are constantly growing, and so only the best-integrated, business driven structures are able to achieve the desired project outcomes.

  • Data Room Establishment & Management
  • Project Systems Support
  • Benchmarking
Luke Epstein
Luke Epstein
Associate Partner

We’re here to help our clients improve operations and to solve complex problems.

Paul Harper
Paul Harper
Chief Executive Officer

The best people with the best tools is at the heart of Enthalpy’s offer to our clients.