we have developed several systems that you can access

performance in asset and investment delivery

Enthalpy, after 30 years as an independent owner management group, has developed several systems to help the performance in asset delivery. These project systems and capital investment systems have been audited and reviewed thoroughly by third parties. Through this process, they have been found to be best practices and, in certain areas, leading practices.

These systems are well known to resource and infrastructure companies as well as leading financial institutions and most engineering contractors worldwide. They are based upon years of practices, research, studies and feedback.

The aim is to provide simplicity and consistency that will lead to better predictability and competitiveness. When all coupled together it reduces the surprises and increases the value to shareholders.

We have designed our systems to investigate, recommend and execute capital investments. They incorporate the business objectives; provide a common language; are traceable; and mitigate risks.

Our systems detail policies, manuals and minimum standards. This ensures that content, quality and accuracy are well defined for each stage. To increase efficiency, we have developed several toolkits that include templates, benchmarks, examples and checklists.

These systems can be made available to your business, with commercial options available, whether it be outright purchase of a system or annual library access

Please contact us to see our Library available for purchase

Our Capital Investment System is a methodology for achieving the successful delivery of investment outcomes.

The Project Controls System maintains effective control of studies & projects and provides motivation for management teams.

The Contracts and Procurement System mandates the approach that should be adopted for implementation of contracting strategies.