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Enthalpy’s Proprietary Systems

Enthalpy, after 25 years as an independent owner management group, has developed several systems to help the performance in asset delivery. These project systems and capital investment systems have been audited and reviewed thoroughly by third parties. Through this process, they have been found to be best practices and, in certain areas, leading practices.

badgingara23mailThese systems are well known to resource and infrastructure companies as well as leading financial institutions and most engineering contractors worldwide. They are based upon years of practices, research, studies and feedback.

The aim is to provide simplicity and consistency that will lead to better predictability and competitiveness. When all coupled together it reduces the surprises and increases the value to shareholders.

We have designed our systems to investigate, recommend and execute capital investments. They incorporate the business objectives; provide a common language; are traceable; and mitigate risks.

Our systems detail policies, manuals and minimum standards. This ensures that content, quality and accuracy are well defined for each stage. To increase efficiency, we have developed several toolkits that include templates, benchmarks, examples and checklists.


System Clients

Capital Investment System (CIS)

capital-investment-systemOur Capital Investment System is a methodology for achieving the successful delivery of investment outcomes.

Built up through 30 years of “real world experience”, our CIS enables clients to understand the risks associated with a project investment. Furthermore, it enables clients to apply proven, rigorous processes to manage those risks.

The System draws upon a Six Phase approach – from scoping to closure – to optimise our client’s investment choices and derive sustainable assets and businesses.


Project Controls System (PCS)


The Project Controls System’s objective is to maintain effective control of studies and projects and to provide motivation for Study and Project management teams to successfully complete studies and deliver projects which meet the overall objective stated above. The Project Controls System provides the processes necessary for achieving these objectives.

The objectives will only be achieved if the Project Controls are well defined and implemented. The Enthalpy Project Controls System requires a set of Minimum Standards and Procedures to be adopted and incorporated into the Study or Project contractor procedures, applied by Enthalpy personnel in managing the Study or Project contractor, and included in the procedures for activities managed by Enthalpy directly.


Contracts & Procurement System (CPS)

contracts-and-procurement-systemThe Contracts and Procurement System (CPS) mandates the best-practice approach recommended for implementation of contracting strategies, followed by the tendering, award and administration of contracts. It provides the basis for investigating, evaluating, recommending and managing the contractual process.

All activities related to preparation, calling and assessment of tenders and the award and administration of contracts will be carried out in accordance with CPS policies.

The CPS is made up of:

  • Policy Statement and Manual – documents that mandate the systematic approach to contracts and procurement
  • Minimum Standards – mandatory practices that must be applied during contracts and procurement phases
  • Toolkits – recommended tools that help personnel apply the CPS
  • Knowledge Portal – reference documents that assist with the application of the CPS
  • Archived Documents – examples of contract templates