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Improved Reporting of Mining Feasibility Study Results

Enthalpy’s CEO, Paul Harper, presented on the topic Improved Reporting of Mining Feasibility Study Results at the 2019 Mineral Systems of the Pacific Rim Congress in Auckland. Download Presentation Why improve? Mining companies and the share market have recognised that greater transparency disclosure is required in the promotion of mining projects to attract a larger […]

Making the Right Investment Decisions

Making the Right Investment Decisions to develop or acquire new capital assets should be made on complete information evaluated via a feasibility process. By necessity the information is never final, hence due to this uncertainty, no investment decision is without risk. What is at issue is that the systematic evaluation processes used, and the definition […]

The Use and Abuse of Feasibility Studies

It is generally accepted that the preparation of a feasibility study is an important element early in the life cycle of a resource development project (eg Laird, 2001; Amos, 2001). It is also widely accepted that the feasibility study process is multi-phased and iterative (eg West, 2006).   Download Article   Typically, initial assessments of the development potential of a […]