integrated and specialist teams with

proven industry experience and expertise

integrated and specialist teams with

proven industry experience and expertise

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Enthalpy presents strong teams of capable and experienced experts that provide multi-disciplinary investment and project reviews.

An Independent Peer Review is not a tick-box exercise; we understand the bespoke nature of each study and ensure the most experience Associates are engaged in order to identify any fatal flaws.

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Independent Peer Reviews

Enthalpy’s Independent Peer Review and Project Execution Reviews services provide concise, appropriate and accurate advice to our clients using the experience and capability of our advisory teams. Enthalpy is proud of the depth and breadth of its experience base, demonstrated by the wide portfolio of major clients, key projects and industry sectors that our teams bring to assignments.

Enthalpy’s discipline capability and experience portfolio spans all of the areas and sectors necessary to achieve clients’ objectives.

Enthalpy has developed a modern approach to assessing and validating the technical and commercial aspects of investment proposals and projects against well-defined and proven minimum quality hurdles and benchmarks. These minimum standards reflect best industry practice for the development and operation of natural resource projects.

  • Leveraged by Enthalpy’s Intellectual Property
  • Hybrid and self-contained teams
  • Highly experienced staff
  • Process reviews and critical milestone reviews

Gap Reviews

Enthalpy uses a prescriptive ranking system coupled with an extensive and up to date database and project benchmarking system to provide a review, assessment and evaluation regime able to meet the rigorous demands of contemporary investment decision making.

Flexibility is a key to success, with project structures having to change to suit project demands from time to time. In Enthalpy’s experience, organisations that structure projects rigidly often find that, as events unfold, the structures in fact create unfavourable responses.

  • Pre-investment value add
  • Proven methodologies
  • Application of Enthalpy IP
  • Comparison with 30 years of Enthalpy benchmark data
  • Demonstration of delta from industry best practice

Project Execution Reviews

Enthalpy experts have direct and recent experience in their areas of expertise and bring a high level of relevant detailed knowledge to the evaluation process.

Technical and commercial segmental analyses are brought together through a tightly managed leadership group that maintains a focus on the overall review deliverable – producing results based services.

  • Highly experienced in-industry personnel
  • Comparison with 30 years of Enthalpy benchmark data
  • Operational readiness
  • Performance and progress reviews
  • System reviews
Gavin Nunes
Principal Consultant

Our highly experienced experts provide the difference in multi-disciplinary investment and project reviews.

Paul Harper
Paul Harper
Chief Executive Officer

The best people with the best tools is at the heart of Enthalpy’s offer to our clients.